Cavs Will Reportedly Not Play Andre Drummond as They Look to Trade Him

Andre Drummond. Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly decided that center Andre Drummond will no longer play for the team as they actively look to trade him before the league’s March 25th trade deadline.

Drummond, who was acquired by Cleveland in a trade last February, is in the last year of a five-year contract and does not figure into Cleveland’s plans as they move forward in 2021.

The former Pistons star has been productive this season, averaging 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds per game on 47% shooting for the 10-18 Cavs. As the team looks to make an unlikely playoff run, they have decided that they prefer to deal him away to acquire future assets.

The decision not to play Drummond has to do with the team’s acquisition of Jarrett Allen earlier this season. Since they view him as their starting center of the future, they’ve decided that they prefer to give him playing time as they work to ship Drummond out.

Trade rumors have placed the Toronto Raptors as a possible destination for the 27-year-old big man, but the team will have more than a month left to find the best possible deal for the two-time All-Star as they continue to look to rebuild.