Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Aims to Resume Racing at Australian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz winning the 2022 British Grand Prix
Carlos Sainz winning the 2022 British Grand Prix. Photo by FLORENT GOODEN/DPPI/Shutterstock (13016389gd)

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz is eyeing a quick return to the Formula One grid following an appendix surgery and plans to race at the Australian Grand Prix this upcoming weekend. 

Sainz was diagnosed with appendicitis ahead of the qualifying race at Saudi Arabia GP and had to undergo a procedure to remove his appendix. While he hasn’t been in an F1 car since then, the Spanish driver believes he is fit enough to resume racing. 

“Just by seeing me move and the exercises that I’m doing in the gym, this tells me I’m fit to jump into the car tomorrow and try,” Sainz told reporters on Thursday.

Sainz is currently scheduled to take part in the first two practice sessions for Australian GP. These practice runs will determine whether he takes part in the qualifiers on Saturday and race on Sunday.  

“If I don’t feel good tomorrow, I will be the first one to raise my hand and say that I need another two weeks to the next race,” he added.

Carlos Sainz had a great start to the 2024 F1 season, finishing third at Bahrain Grand Prix. He is likely highly motivated to continue delivering good results, considering he’ll be out of a job at the end of the year. Ferrari has already made a decision not to renew his contract and will replace Sainz with seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton in 2025.