Jets Will Keep QB Zach Wilson If They Don’t Find a Trade Partner

Zach Wilson with the Jets in 2021
Zach Wilson with the Jets in 2021. Photo by Dave Shopland/Shutterstock (12530063br)

The New York Jets have been working hard this offseason to find a new home for their underperforming quarterback Zach Wilson. However, it appears that their desire to part ways with 2021’s second-overall pick isn’t that strong that they’ll consider releasing him.

The Jets made it clear to the rest of the league that Wilson is available for trade. Reportedly, they received several offers in recent weeks but none of them were to their liking. It appears that interested teams are waiting to see whether Wilson will become a free agent, something that team owner Woody Johnson said wasn’t an option during a recent chat with reporters.

“If we don’t trade him, we’re going to keep him,” Johnson said on Monday.

Johnson went on to acknowledge the challenging situation that Wilson found himself in 2023 after star QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury and said he still believes the BYU product could end up resurrecting his career, but most likely somewhere else.

“From his standpoint, it’s probably better if he changes faces and he gets to a new [team]. He can wipe the slate clean in that way. I think that would probably be better for him, “he added.

The Jets already prepared themselves for Wilson’s departure, bringing in veteran Tyrod Taylor as a backup on a two-year, $12 million deal.