FC Dallas’ Tanner Tessmann to Train with Bayern Munich in the Offseason

Tanner Tessmann with FC Dallas. Image via FC Dallas/Facebook

FC Dallas midfielder Tanner Tessmann will have a chance to impress Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich during the MLS break. According to multiple reports, Bayern agreed to take Tessmann for the offseason and let him train with the first team.

Tessmann is expected to head to Germany at the end of the month if he’s invited to the United States men’s national team, or right away if he misses the cut. The duration of his stay with Bayern will be determined by the start of the 2021 MLS season.

There’s a good chance that this is the first step in Bayern acquiring Tessmann’s services. He actually wouldn’t even be the first FC Dallas player to have the same career path. In 2018, USMNT defender Chris Richards joined the Bavarian giants on loan from FC Dallas and managed to get a permanent deal one year later.

Tanner Tessmann showed great promise in 2020, which was his first pro season with FC Dallas. The 19-year-old youngster finished the campaign with 19 games and one assist under his belt while managing to make nine starts. He also played in both of the team’s playoff games.