Reconstruction of the Women’s Soccer Board Presented

USWNT in September. Photo by Brad Smith/ISI/REX/Shutterstock (9858897an)

The Football Association has presented a new plan to the public, responding to year-long debates and pleas from almost every female football club in the world. The plan says that the semi-professional and professional women’s football will get their own board dedicated to tracking progress, presenting new ideas and closely monitoring the pace and growth of women’s football.

There will be six club representatives, three FA representatives and three independent experts who will work on initiatives such as the Women’s Champions League and FA Women’s Super League. The board plans to present the complete plan to the public in 2024. All the bigger clubs that want to participate in these events are asked to select a representative to fill in the six open spots, as well as a chief executive and commercial expert.

At the moment, the FA has a women’s board that doesn’t have any club representatives in their roster. This way, the clubs will have a bigger say and will be able to participate and vote in future board decisions.  We are all eager to see the plans of the board, and what they can do to lift the women’s football to the next level.