Tresean Gore Ruled Out Of TUF Middleweight Final

Image via treseangore/Instagram

Ultimate Fighter contestant Tresean Gore has been ruled out of the TUF middleweight final at UFC Fight Night on August 28, with UFC officials confirming that the 27-year-old fighter has suffered a meniscus injury. Gilbert Urbina, who Gore defeated in their semi-final bout, will take Gore’s place in the final, where he will be up against Bryan Battle.

The winner of season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter is due to be awarded a six-figure contract with the UFC. As confirmed by UFC President Dana White, Gore will also be given the opportunity to fight in the UFC once he recovers from his knee injury.

As a member of Brian Ortega’s team, Gore would have been the only fighter to represent Ortega in either TUF final. Both Gilbert Urbina and Bryan Battle are members of the team coached by UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

En route to the final bout, Gore defeated both Ryder Newman and Urbina, earning himself the title of the top young prospect for the season.

The TUF final on August 28 is not the only highly-anticipated fight spurred by the show, however. On September 25, coach Brian Ortegao will be challenging Alexander Volkanovski for his featherweight title at UFC 266 in Las Vegas.