76ers Withhold Funds Owed to Simmons As Player’s Absence Continues

Ben Simmons with 76ers in 2018
Ben Simmons with 76ers in 2018. Photo by Martin Cole/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

The Philadelphia 76ers decided to withhold the $8.25 million that they owed to Ben Simmons on Friday. The money, which makes up 25% of his contract, was placed into an escrow account.

According to multiple sources, the 76ers will continue to deduct Simmons’ pay so long as the player refuses to make appearances for the team. Once he returns to action, the 76ers will provide him with the remaining money.

Should Simmons not make himself available for the 76ers first preseason game against the Toronto Raptors on Monday, he will be fined $227,000. This same fine will be imposed for every subsequent game that he refuses to play in.

According to ESPN, there was a meeting between Simmons and the 76ers leadership team last month, during which Simmons was made aware of the possibility of being fined for his refusal to play. In response, Simmons declared that his stance had not changed regarding his decision to withdraw from action as well as the submission of his trade request.

76ers star Joel Embiid expressed disappointment over the ongoing saga, explaining that an on-court partnership with Simmons could bring success to the 76ers in the coming season.