Broncos’ Safety Jamal Carter Switching Positions

Jamal Carter tackling Aaron Young. Photo by Jc Ridley/CSM/Shutterstock

Denver Broncos are entering the 2019 NFL season decimated with injuries on the inside linebacker position with Todd Davis, Josey Jewell, and Joe Jones being all out at the moment. And while most teams would turn to free-market or trade options to find suitable replacements, Broncos decided to do that in-house.

The team decided to move strong safety Jamal Carter to the inside linebacker position for this week and are looking to make the switch permanent if the 25-year-old performs well.

”Right now, it’s temporary, but if he looks good in there it will be permanent,” – coach Vic Fangio said. ”It’s twofold. Our numbers have gotten low there, and he’s always wanted to play in there, so the timing was good. He wants to be in there.”

Carter himself is excited about the change and believes it will fit him.

”I’ve been wanting to play this since high school and college,” – said Carter. ”I like being in the trenches. I’m a physical specimen. I don’t like being too deep away from contact. It’s going to fit me.”

Jamal Carter signed with Broncos after going undrafted in 2017 NFL Draft. He made 11 tackles and one pass deflection in his rookie season, which set him for a bigger role in 2018. Carter, however, suffered a torn hamstring during the training camp and ended up having to sit out the entire last season.