Browns’ Coach Hue Jackson: Players Need to Earn Their Stripes

Cleveland Browns' helmet. Photo by Jason Pohuski/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

We have seen that coaches use all kind of motivational tools to get their players into competitive mode but the one Cleveland Browns’ coach Hue Jackson recently employed is really interesting. Jackson decided to remove the white and brown stripes on the Browns’ helmets and force his players to earn them. Until then, all players will have to wear all-orange helmets.

“There is a certain way that the Cleveland Browns have to play, and we are going to earn our stripes,” said Jackson on Tuesday after Browns’ OTA practice. “The guys that put them on their helmets and get the chance to wear them, it is going to be because they demonstrate the characteristics that we are looking for in Cleveland Browns players. That is the way that they are going to play. That is how we are going to conduct ourselves and go out and win football games.”

The process of earning helmet stripes is rather simple. Player will earn them by making the team according to Jackson.

“Obviously, if you are on the team, you are going to have them,” – he said. “That is for sure. If you are not, you won’t. It is that simple. It is pretty simple. Kind of cut and dry.”

It looks like Hue Jackson intends to use every ace in his sleeve in order to make a well-respected NFL team out of Browns. He failed to do so in the last two seasons, winning only one game and losing 31 of them since joining the organization in 2016.

Cleveland Browns are wearing two brown and one white stripe on their helmets since 1960.