Falcons Tight End Kyle Pitts Likely to Require Surgery

Atlanta Falcons Tight end Kyle Pitts (8)
Atlanta Falcons Tight end Kyle Pitts in 2021. Photo by Mark Greenwood/IPS/Shutterstock (12531810aw)

The Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts has been placed on injured reserve, ESPN reported on Tuesday. The player will sit out a minimum of four games as a result.

Pitts suffered a knee injury in the third quarter of the Falcons’ 24-27 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday. At the end of a catch and run, Pitts found himself on the receiving end of an Eddie Jackson tackle that landed right above his knee. The tight end subsequently jogged off the field and towards the blue medical tent before making his way toward the Falcons’ locker room.

Falcons coach Arthur Smith has stated that Pitts is still awaiting further evaluations before a rehabilitation approach is selected, sources have revealed that the player may require surgery. “I’m not a doctor, but an MCL sprain, that’s usually what happens — there are varying degrees and where they are in the knee,” Smith admitted, adding that he will await the answer of the medical experts before taking further action.

The number four overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, Pitts has proven to be an impactful player for the Falcons, achieving a 1,000-yard rookie season; the second rookie in NFL history to do so.