Former World #1 Kim Clijsters Announces a Second Comeback To Tennis

Kim Clijsters. Photo by Mark Greenwood/IPS/Shutterstock (10241105ag)

Usually when a sports player retires, the chances of coming back to the spotlight are pretty slim, but from time to time great athletes manage to accomplish exactly that! Former world #1 tennis player Kim Clijsters announced that she will be coming back to the tennis field in 2020 after a really long retirement.  

The 36-year-old Clijsters announced her first retirement back 2007 stating that she would like to start a family, but she came back to the tennis world in 2009. Her comeback lasted from 2009 until 2012 and in that period, she managed to raise the trophy in three Grand Slams.  

Reportedly, she will be coming back to tennis in January of next year, but the player has said that she will be flexible with the schedule. It was also reported that she has been thinking of making a comeback for the last two years. 

The Belgian released a video on her Twitter account in which she told her fans that she has been a full-time mom for seven years and she loved it, but she also loved being a professional tennis player. She went on to ask if she could be both and ended the video by saying – see you in 2020!