Gilbert Arenas Trains LeBron’s Son, Tells Him He’s His “Clone”

Image by Keith Allison on Flickr via Wikipedia

If you’ve been wondering what former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas has been up to, apparently he’s been training Lebron James’ son Bronny.

Apparently, LeBron got in touch with Arenas recently and asked him to keep an eye on his son during a training session.

As Arenas explained to NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller, “LeBron hit me on Instagram and said ‘My son is starting to train and he’s training with Dribble2Much. Can you go over there and put some eyes on him and let me know because I’m kind of worried about him.’ I went there, watched him, and gave him some pointers.”

After the session, Arenas had great things to report to his old friend: “He’s your clone, you don’t need to be worried,” he told LeBron. “Just from looking at him, you were probably taller, you’ve got the same speed, he probably jumps higher, passes probably the same, IQ probably the same, he shoots better and dribbles better.”

LeBron’s response to Arenas? “That is actually correct”

Bronny is currently 16 years old and is ranked 25th in the nation for his class, ESPN reports. He currently has offers to play basketball for colleges such as Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina.