Jimmy Butler Told Coco Gauff the Heat Will Be in NBA Finals Before Playoffs Started

Jimmy Butler at Levi's x Victor Cruz Dinner in 2020
Jimmy Butler at Levi's x Victor Cruz Dinner in 2020. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Levi's/Shutterstock (10543854j)

Not a lot of people expected the Miami Heat to make the NBA Finals this year, especially considering their sluggish regular season and the fact they entered the playoffs as the eighth seed. But it turns out that Heat star Jimmy Butler knew this would be the case all along.

During a recent press conference at French Open, tennis player and big Heat fan Coco Gauff revealed that Butler told her Miami would play in NBA Finals even before the postseason started. He even offered Gauff tickets to attend one of the championship games. 

According to Gauff, Butler reached out in April and invited her to be his guest for the final game of the regular season. Gauff had to decline due to a scheduled tournament appearance, after which the Heat star returned with another offer.

“Then he said, ‘OK when we make the Finals, let me know if your family wants some tickets.’ So this was before we were even in the playoffs,” Gauff shared.

“So that’s my ‘Jimmy Butler story.’ He pretty much said we were going to the Finals before we even qualified for the playoffs, and I just really like that mentality,” she added.

It turns out that Jimmy Buttler really spoke Miami Heat’s road to NBA Finals into existence. After barely making the playoffs, the Heat went on to beat the favored Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics to come out of the East. They have scheduled a showdown against the Denver Nuggets and a chance to win the fourth NBA title in franchise history.