Juan Soto Discusses His Future After Rejecting $350 Million Extension from Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto in 2019
Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto in 2019. Photo by Austin Mcafee/CSM/Shutterstock (10412728l)

Juan Soto reportedly rejected a blockbuster $350 million extension offer from the Washington Nationals, and he’s not backing down. The superstar outfielder recently revealed that he’s still going “back and forth” with the team as they try to sign a new deal that works for everyone.

The Dominican MLB player discussed his plans for the future with The Washington Post‘s Jesse Dougherty. He told him that he just wants to play baseball and that his agent is discussing the deal with the Nationals.

“Everybody wants to go to free agency and see how the market is going to be for them… I really don’t know if I want to go there or if I want to stay here… We’ll see what’s going to happen. For me, right now, the plan that we always have is go year by year,” explained Soto.

Soto’s potential free agency is just two years away, and the Nationals are doing everything they can to keep him on board. He refused a $350 million, 13-year extension with the team before the lockout last fall. Earlier this week, it was reported that he refused another mega-offer, which exceeded the previous one.

Juan Soto kicked off his MLB career with the Washington Nationals in 2018 and led them to their first World Series championship in 2019.