Man Utd Legend Wayne Rooney: “Liverpool Deserve This Title”

Wayne Rooney with D.C. United in 2018. Photo by Tony Quinn/ISI/REX/Shutterstock

Any Manchester United fan will tell you that they would have a hard time seeing Liverpool lift the Premier League title. Man Utd legend Wayne Rooney probably feels similar, but he does think that the Reds deserve the trophy this time.

Liverpool was six points away from clinching their first national league title since 1990 this year, but coronavirus pandemic caused Premier League to suspend the 2019/20 season at least until May. There are also concerns that the entire season might be canceled due to the global health crisis, which would bring in jeopardy Liverpool’s title. If you ask Rooney, this scenario shouldn’t even be considered.

According to Rooney, the season should be completed in order to give Liverpool the title they “deserve.”

“Liverpool will win the Premier League. [They] have been fantastic,” Rooney wrote in his weekly column for The Times. “They have put so much work in. They deserve this title. Can you imagine waiting 30 years and then having it taken away like this? The right decision has been made.”

According to former England international, the season should be completed to determine the clubs that will be promoted and relegated.

“It’s also right in terms of promotion and relegation and Champions League places,” he added. “These issues are so big for the clubs involved that I imagine there would be a lot of legal fights if the season was just abandoned. The fair thing is to finish 2019-20 — even if we have to lose next season in the process.”

Coronavirus has caused almost all soccer competitions in the world to come to a halt. While the soccer federation of each country has the power to make the final decision on this season, the most likely scenario is to finish the season once the coronavirus pandemic stops being a threat.