Max Holloway Secures 145lb Title Against Frankie Edgar

Max Holloway. Photo by Canadian Press/Shutterstock (10014806b)

Rogers Palace in Edmonton, Alberta was the host of an exciting fight this weekend for the UFC 145lb title. Two great names clashed in the ring – the champion Max Holloway and the former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. The fight provided a stunning experience for the viewers watching Max Holloway show his brilliance in the octagon once more.  

The fight ended with a score of 50-45 49-46 48-47 bringing Holloway a unanimous victory. Frankie Edgar is considered to be one of the fiercest fighters in the category and he started pretty well in the battle, but Holloway quickly gained initiative and started dominating the match. The 27-year-old Holloway was pretty successful in landing hard and precise strikes, being especially devastating with his uppercuts.  

Earlier this year, the champion tried to go up a weight class in an attempt for the lightweight title but this made him lose his first fight in six years. Because of this, the skilled fighter had to go back to his former category where he managed to defend the title this weekend. 

After the fight, he said that his goal was to prove a point because everyone said that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Edgar’s pace.