Reds’ All-Star Trevor Bauer Says He’s “Lot Happier” in Cincinnati than in Cleveland

Trevor Bauer with Cleveland Indians in 2019. Photo by Canadian Press/Shutterstock

All-Star pitcher Trevor Bauer spent the majority of his MLB career with Cleveland Indians, but it seems like the 28-year-old didn’t enjoy his time with the organization as much.

Bauer, whom the Indians traded to Cincinnati Reds back in July, recently had a chat with FOX Sports Ohio and decided to throw shade at his old team. He said that he is a “lot happier” with Cincinnati and that there is not “a whole lot” he misses about Cleveland.

“It was very easy coming in.” – said Baurer. “Everyone did a really good job being accommodating, making it easy for me to make the transition. The information is great here, the coaching staff is great here, and overall I’m a lot happier here than I was.”

“Sometimes you don’t realize how unhappy you are in a situation until you’re out of it,” he added. “Just kind of the day-to-day life. I miss some of my teammates and stuff, but overall I don’t really miss a whole lot about Cleveland.”

Trevor Bauer’s exit from Cleveland Indians wasn’t a pretty one. In his last appearance with Indians against Kansas City Royals, he struggled the entire game prompting manager Terry Francona to come out of the dugout and replace him. Seeing he will be replaced, Bauer threw a ball over the fence.

Although Bauer ended up apologizing for this incident, Indians decided they had enough and traded him to Cincinnati.

Bauer’s struggles continued with the Reds, as he played five games with the team and has a 1-3 record. He currently also owns an ugly 7.62 ERA with just 32 strikeouts.