T.J. Watt Expresses Gratitude Over Successful Negotiations With Steelers

T.J. Watt in 2019
T.J. Watt in 2019. Photo by Archie Carpenter/UPI/Shutterstock (12425240j)

Linebacker T.J. Watt expressed his satisfaction over the success of what was several months of negotiation with the Pittsburgh Steelers in an effort to reach a new four-year contract extension. Watt’s new contract sees him becoming the NFL’s highest-paid defensive player with a $112 million deal including a $35 million signing bonus and $80 million guaranteed over the next three years.

Watt reflected on his new contract extension, stating: “It’s my job to prove all these people that have put this amount of money to me and stood on the table to say they want me here, to prove them right. I know I can do it. I know exactly what it takes. I’ve been doing it my whole life.”

Watt furthermore assured the media that he still has the hunger to succeed. Coach Mike Tomlin, who remained optimistic ahead of the deal’s completion, expressed his happiness, explaining that he experienced a large sense of relief that the contract had been signed so timeously, especially before the Steelers game against the Buffalo Bills.

Upon being asked if he would have played in the upcoming game even if the deal had not been signed, Watt simply responded by saying that he was relieved that no such decision had to be made.