This Shocking Playoff Stat Proves Why Tom Brady is the Greatest Football Player Ever

Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady in October. Photo by Mike Wulf/CSM/Shutterstock (10947024a)

Anyone who’s followed the NFL at all over the last couple of decades knows that Tom Brady’s performance takes on a new meaning during the postseason. And this is now proving to be true regardless of the team that he suits up for.

After leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the playoffs this season, and ending a 13-year franchise playoff drought in the process, Brady led them to a 31-23 victory over the Washington Football Team on Saturday.

This postseason win marks Brady’s 31st throughout his career. Years ago, he broke the record for most career playoff wins when he passed San Francisco 49ers quarterback legend Joe Montana who had 16. Now, Brady has nearly doubled that total.

But Brady’s postseason success is more than just the amount of playoff wins he’s racked up. After defeating Washington this weekend, they became the 17th franchise that Brady has ousted in the playoffs. In other words, not only has Brady nearly doubled Montana’s career playoff wins—the number of different teams he’s beaten in the playoffs has surpassed Montana’s total playoff wins!

This is not a knock on Montana in the slightest. He simply serves as a 2nd place marker to show how legendary Brady’s accomplishments are. If that’s how much better Brady is than Montana, think about how lopsided Brady’s accolades look next to other great quarterbacks.

Tom Brady is by far the greatest quarterback of all time, and probably the greatest NFL player we’ve seen as well.