Turns out LeBron James Wanted Cavs to Trade For Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony. Photo by Madison McGaw/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9049978l)

Although they were good friends through their entire career, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony never managed to fulfill their wish to play on the same team together. A popular opinion around the league says that this didn’t come to fruition because James never really wanted to play with Anthony although he had several chances to make this happen. But it turns out this might not be entirely true.

Former James’ teammate and 14-years NBA veteran Kendrick Perkins recently revealed on Twitter that James wanted Cleveland Cavaliers to trade for Anthony but that the team’s front office declines his request.

Perkins also hinted that James asked his current team Los Angeles Lakers to sign Anthony, who is a free agent at the moment but was once again rejected.

While we might never find out whether Perkins’ statement is true, the fact is that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony won’t end up in the same jersey before their career end. As a matter of fact, Anthony’s NBA career might well be over, as the 2019/20 season is almost here and he still doesn’t have a team.

Antony played his last NBA game in Rockets’ jersey in November 2018, after which he was removed from the team. He was eventually traded to Chicago Bulls and released in January. He remained a free agent ever since.