Washington Nationals Held a Players-Only Meeting after A Fifth Consecutive Loss

Washington Nationals' Adam Eaton hits the ground after fouling a pitch off his foot. Photo by Canadian Press/REX/Shutterstock

Things aren’t going well for Washington Nationals in the 2018 season although they were favorites to win the National League East this year. They have suffered their fifth consecutive loss on Wednesday when Boston Red Sox cruised to a 3-0 victory and currently find themselves below .500 with 42-43 record. To make things even worse, this was the 17th defeat for Nationals in the last 22 games. This situation called for some kind of intervention, and Washington Nationals players decided to make the first move by organizing a players-only meeting after the game against the Red Sox.

According to Washington Post, the veteran players were those who rounded everyone up and did most of the speaking. Max Scherzer reportedly instigated the meeting and was the most vocal during it.

“I think anytime Max holds the meeting or holds court, there’s going to be some yelling,” – said outfielder Adam Eaton afterward. “In baseball, you don’t have that type of intensity all the time, so it’s a little different. I think guys gravitate toward that. I think everybody has a kind of intensity bone in their body, and sometimes things need to be said in that fashion. So I think the boys are going to grab a hold of it and run with it.”

While players were unwilling to repeat what was exactly said at the meeting, shortstop Trea Turner did share the overarching message.

“Let’s get this thing going,” – said Turner. “I think we all know that we are capable of playing better baseball, and it’s time we do it. It’s do or die now.”

Washington Nationals will look to turn things around in the four-game series against the Miami Marlins, which starts on Friday.